Welcome to Lav (Lion) Hotel. Let's take a journey back to year 1840, when Lav Hotel was most gracious and most dominant building in Vukovar. Lav Hotel once was favourite place of all Vukovar citizens and favourite place of all famous names in world of arts and politics. Lav Hotel is a place to be in all seasons of the year and it's welcoming you - throught out the year!

The hotel has its tradition and proves worthy of confidence. Today, it is the hotel of the universal pride, and for the first time in its history, it opens its door.
This hotel is the first one in Vukovar which has four stars. It is a centrally situated hotel, on the bank of the Danube.

The hotel is built in modern architectural style, from the entrance to the rooms there is a visible line of the peacefulness and elegance in the combination of modern colours. When we talk about the modern architecture, and the modern interior, we talk about inox, marble, leather and wood.

For the third time in our history we open our doors and our hearts -

for your pleasure!